We create this Non-Profit Foundation to support the advance and prosperity of mindful modern life. The summary of our core objectives as follows:

  1. Organizing inclusive networks in an online economy
  2. Adopting scalable connected systems with modern technology
  3. Sustaining clean collective environment with reliable energy
  4. Cooperating with other charitable organizations
  5. Avoiding political conflict and division


We consider the following key metrics for our objectives as indicators of our progress, within a smaller community or in an entire economic segment:

  • Proportion of economic collaboration via direct interaction
  • Extent of instantaneous transaction
  • Scale of zero emission

Inclusive networks in an online economy

Many segments of the current economy are scaled to supply the greatest number of people with decreasing capacity to respect and nurture our individual needs and preferences.

We think a well connected network of ethical participants, where direct exchange and collaboration is effortless and accessible, creates a better social structure for improving our economic experience.


  • Prepare proposals on opportunities for a better connected economy
  • Support the organization of inclusive online networks
  • Execute on the implementation and delivery of the proposed solutions 


  • Direct collaboration in a network
  • Experience of the individuals
  • Diversion between market participants
  • Scale of competition and variety

Scalable systems with modern technology

Technology enabled us to strengthen our security and focus a greater extent on our ethical well-being. However many parts of life are still lagging behind or has taken a direction where we end up with less optionality.

As the available capacity of cheaper computing is growing we can skillfully scale technology to modernize the underdeveloped segments of the economy and improve our individual freedoms and collective access to prosperity.


  • Design implementations of technology to achieve efficient ethical networks
  • Develop open platforms to scale collaboration in the economy
  • Maintain reliable function of online collectives


  • Time necessary on getting to a desired economic outcome
  • Scale of distraction and inefficiency
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Latency

Collective security from reliable energy

All systems have a certain inefficiencies and externalities that can slowly disintegrate its security and our reliance on unsustainable or unsafe energy sources can disintegrate our lives and our future.

In order to lower our time preference and have prosperous outlook we can develop and integrate reliable applications of clean energy that we can understand and harness peacefully. 


  • Analyze and propose sources and systems of reliable ethical energy
  • Support education and transition and maintenance to renewable systems
  • Introduce sustainable energy into the social networks


  • Reliance on unstable or inefficient energy sources
  • Efficiency of the usage and storage of energy
  • Persistence and cleanliness