An open-source technology platform for organizing a decentralized online network of vehicles that focus on the individual and collective experience of personal mobility and transition legacy technology to sustainable energy at economy of scale.


The objectives of this project are in line with the goals of our foundation’ to introduce a new segment of the economy where personal transportation is transformed into a sustainable collaboration between individuals.

We building both the platform and the smartphone application to:

  1. Install the existing old gasoline vehicles at rentals across the country with a smart lock system
  2. Connect the Thai families and business to the digital economy
  3. Enable booking, renting and unlocking of the bikes for tourists or locals just by using their smartphone linked with the smart lock system
  4. Allow the vehicle owners to get great wholesale deals from electric vehicle manufactures through the large social fleet that is created
  5. Electrify the vehicles across the country to achieve a zero emission goal
  6. Build a network of sustainable solar charging infrastructure to replace the traditional domestic petrol vending machines


Payments occur directly between hosts and customers, and both parties have the ability to offer charitable donations after every transaction.


You can contact our team through the website of the project: