5 January, 2023 Foundation registration meeting



  • Su
  • Wiyada
  • Chris
  • Mate (Chair)


Mate proposed registering the Foundation with his endowment of 500,000 THB initial capital to support autonomy and collaboration in the online economy, with the application of modern technology, and sustainability.

The Foundation should be named appamāda by the Pali term for conscientiousness, or acting mindfully.

The logo should form green harmonious waves representing the objectives and the name of the foundation

The Board should be appointed with present Founders as Directors:

  • Su (Treasurer)
  • Wiyada
  • Chris (Vice Chair and Secretary)
  • Mate (Chair)


Mate: Use the name appamāda for the foundation.
Vote: 4 Yes

Mate: Set the objectives of the foundation.
Vote: 4 Yes

Mate: Appoint the Board of Directors for the foundation
Vote: 4 Yes

Mate: Authorize Champ to manage documents for registering the foundation.
Vote: 4 Yes


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