January 22, 2024 Board meeting


Quorum reached and meeting called to order at 09:00 ICT meeting via video conference.


Board Members

  • Su (Treasurer)
  • Wiyada (Director)
  • Christian (Secretary)
  • Mate (Chair)


To utilize Bitcoin as our reserve fund the foundation should apply for a Digital Assets Trading Account at Bitkub, the only Digital Assets Exchange in Thailand that offers enterprise registration.

  • Consider and approve to open Enterprise Account at Bitkub:
    • with the objective of investment (as marked in Clause 5 of C-01 form)
    • and Mate authorized to perform transactions and send trading orders (as marked in Clause 17 of C-01 form and C-03 form)


Mate: Open Bitkub account for investment and authorize Mate to perform transactions and send trading orders in line with our Articles of Association.
Vote: 4 Yes


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