Reviving our collective practice of
a mindful modern life

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What are our goals and principles?

Introduce systems for how we can personally cooperate

Helpful collaboration in an online economy

We construct online accessible networks for restoring the social benefits of sharing products or services directly.

Create tools for how we can contribute efficiently

Mindful application of modern technology

We create systems with the most efficient technology to best utilize our individual productivity while also reenforcing our collective security.

Secure resources to persevere continually

Careful utilization of sustainable energy

We drive the adoption of resources that are the cleanest, most benign and reliable so we can create a safe ecological foundation for a functioning and growing community.


What are we planning or actively working on?

  • Rollo

    An open-source technology platform for organizing a decentralized online network of vehicles that focus on the individual and collective experience of personal mobility and transition legacy technology to sustainable energy at economy of scale.

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  • Bingo

    An open verification platform of real life transactions of goods or services to sign and trace how we collaborate to create value for each other.

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What is happening?

  • January 22, 2024 Board meeting

    To utilize Bitcoin as our reserve asset the foundation should apply for a Digital Assets Trading Account account at Bitkub.

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  • January 5, 2024 Board meeting

    Opening foundation bank account at Siam Commercial Bank to complete the foundation registration process and request tax identification number.

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  • Thank you, Acclime!

    The Acclime team in Thailand has been instrumental in helping us with exploring the various options for company formation and the challenging but finally successful process of the Foundation registration. We are grateful for your help and services. Thank you again!

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  • Certification

    The registration of Appamāda Foundation has been approved by the Department of Provincial Administration in the Ministry of Interior of Thailand and we received the registration number 3385 along with the official certificate.

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  • 5 January, 2023 Foundation registration meeting

    Proposal to register the foundation to support autonomy and collaboration in the online economy, with the application of modern technology, and sustainability.

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  • Beginning

    While considering the organization of our first project we started exploring some important ethical questions on how we would like to coordinate this collaboration and what are the some of the profound principles that we would like to incorporate.

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Our Team

We are looking for what is the most useful and important we can engage with.

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